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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
September 21, 2011






A song for Chris and Kevin for their wonderful dogs past and present. 'Celebrate Your Love' was written as part of a fund raising project 'song in a million' for rescue dogs in the care of DDA Watch.

Chris and Kevin wrote a moving account of their lives with their rescue dogs and I must admit I cried when reading the stories of how they were adopted and of the sad losses that we all suffer when our dogs become old and tired and depart this world to go to their final resting place at the rainbow bridge. Other stories in their letter made me smile and laugh and I realise we all feel the same about our companion dogs, they are family members and they are always in our hearts.

I'm so glad Paul and I have met and worked with Chris and Kevin because they care so much for their dogs and they give them the best life possible and also an important job to do, because they founded the K9 Project in Cambridgeshire, which helps young people and rescue dogs to reach their full potential by helping their community and raising funds for animals and people in need.

To visit the K9 Project please click this link -


So this song was created from the inspiration of Chris and Kevin's expressive words in return for a donation direct to DDA Watch to help the many rescue dogs in DDA Watch care reach a happy future. Links to this project are at the bottom of the page.

'Celebrate Your Love'

We'll we've brought you home, each n' every lonely soul
N' some were hurt right to the bone
And we told you, now you're safe
You'll never, ever be alone

Oh you needed us, n' I guess you could say as well
We needed love
And that's why we went searchin' for
A friend like you, a friend like us

And every one of you has given such a precious gift
Your life was never easy but you longed to live
And 18 years or 12
It all went by too quick

And there's been ones that broke our hearts
And ones that made us laugh
And there's a peacemaker, a barker
And Ozzie who would run away for parties in the park

And there's been times when we have cried
As your hearts grew old and tired
But every one of you remembered
Has a place so deep inside

So we think of you tonight
And raise our glass into the light
For when you left, you left a space
For a lost soul in your place
Each one of you must know
That you've helped your friends to grow
Those around us here today
And those who had to say goodbye...

We want to celebrate your love
For only love can truly save
For every happy day we shared
There is a smile, a wagging tail
You've given more than you could know
And brought a joy that outlives time
Though you were broken when you came
You healed and loved and loved again

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP



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