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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines)
December 12, 2012
The man in Pink photo CopyofManinPinksmaller_zpsb5118443.jpg

A song for Seany, the unique and amazing Fairy DogMother :)

I'm the man in pink
And you may laugh or you may cry
No matter what you think
I'll be this way until I die
I'm sprinkling fairy dust with a twinkle in my eye
For I'm the man in pink and I'm gonna tell you why!

I'm a fairy on a mission
There's only love within my heart
I don't need your permission
To take a bad law clean apart
This wand will be my weapon so come nearer to the cause
And smile with me as one, cos you're needed for the paws

I'm the man in pink
I keep the underdog close by
Closer than you think...
Keeping good deeds in my sight
Humanity is hurting, man's best friend is on the run
And BSL is taking pride in breaking everyone.

I'm the man in pink
I won't back down, I won't back off
As low as we may sink
I'll hold my head up for the dogs
I'm standing up, I'm counted, can I count on you today?
Nobody should be outlawed if they look a certain way

I am the man in pink
I cast a spell to heal the pain
I am the missing link
I speak for justice in the rain
Don't be a fighter, be a lover, be the change you want to see
Speak the truth and stand together
For the truth will set them free!

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

Our thanks to Janice Tyrrell for creating the art for Seany's song xx