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Maria Daines: PRESS

Maria, love your song 'I wanna run free'
you are also a great singer.


Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson - (Jun 26, 2006)

'I don't think the UK has given us such powerful music since the glory days of The Who and Led Zeppelin!

True rock is mostly about attitude and Maria has it in great supply! Her songs, co-written by guitarist Paul Killington, kick the proverbial arse.

It is clear at first listen that they are well on their way to musical greatness! But just what is it that makes them so amazing? I think it is the obvious enthusiasm that they put into every note of their music. The great heart and power of the vocals and the quality of the song writing are paramount, but, there is an indefinable thing that happens when someone is born to sing and perform and you experience that rare and precious gift listening to this music.

If you mix Janis Joplin and Melissa Etheridge and add a dash of Gretchen Wilson, you will start to comprehend the powerhouse that is Maria Daines'

Joey Stuckey - Artist Launch Online Magazine (May 5, 2008)

Maria Daines: Treebone (Maison Alas; 65.41) Daines, in England, has the tremendously exciting voice of a blues diva in the making. Her bluesy rock album with Paul Killington on guitar and all other instruments tantalizes as the precursor to her straight blues recording promised for release later this year. Many vocalists go an entire career without reaching the rarefied heights attained by Daines on the edgy, atmospheric 'Ain't Nobody' and the potent ballad 'Bring Your Love Along.'

Pink and Maria Daines play Welsh gig for PAW

Pop singer Pink continues her campaigning for animal rights by performing a gig on behalf of Party for Animals Worldwide (PAW) in Cardiff’s International Arena with support by Maria Daines and others.

The PAW 2007 sell-out concert will take place on Tuesday 21st August 2007 at Cardiff International Arena and superstar Pink has added an extra date to her European tour to play this one with support by Maria Daines, Rachael Warwick and Smokin´Circus.

Pink is reported to have said: “I am very happy giving my time to this very worthwhile cause. I am passionate about animal conservation across the world and through my involvement with PAW I believe we can greatly help raise awareness and funds for animal conservation and welfare charities worldwide.”

Pink’s most recent album, ‘I'm Not Dead’ has now sold over one million copies in the UK, and includes four top ten singles, whilst singer-songwriter Maria Daines has been receiving plenty of success with her soulful vocals, hard rock band and her animal rights songs.

Maria Daines’ song Monkey in a Cage has been adopted by Against Primate Experiments (APE) and it will be released on Monday 20th August as a download single for a mainstream chart challenge and to raise money for the charity.

PAW is a non- profit organisation created to raise awareness for animal welfare and conservation projects worldwide through the creation of an annual Party for Animals Worldwide Music event, and the one in Cardiff headlined by Pink will raise money on behalf of SPANA, Marine Conservation Society, Born Free Foundation, The Monkey Sanctuary Trust, PDSA, and Animals Asia Foundation.

- Enjoy France (Aug 20, 2007)

'Chained To You'

Gripping and emotionally poignant!! My good god Maria and Paul, you drive the message straight home to the bone with this one ... this is one painful crying out loud eulogy in memory of Shepp ... heart wrenching lyrics, Paul's blistering and crying blues guitar solos ... and your voice Maria - powerful and emotional, quivering and wavering fervently and painfully in all the right places ... you send chills all up and down my spine gal, spilling your heart out painting this picture of Shepp's horrific pain and misery, left alone, sitting, lying, chained and starving, eyes searching and waiting till the very end and that last lonely, helpless dying breath of life ... hungry, tired, cold, wet and alone ... for god's sake Lord, where are You? Where on earth are You? This is one awesome song in every sense of the word - lyrics, vocals, instruments, arrangement, production ... and purpose - humanitarian. God bless you both for such amazing music!!

Neil W Young
The Legendary Bear Creek Band

(Nov 5, 2008)

A "Listen to me" voice that could split bricks or blast the dust off every static thing within 30 yards - Like pebbles in a grinder - like biting a beer glass.

VOX radio (Dec 28, 2007)

My friend Maria Daines from Cambridge is the kind of artist I long to be. She does not take a stage unless she fully intends to lay it down. And she always lays it down! She speaks out for human rights and is one of the most amazing animal activists I've ever known. She is simply using her God-given gifts the way he intended!

Chelle Rose

- Chelle Rose (Jul 14, 2008)

'Congratulations Maria and Paul on your Artist of the Year Award for the second year running and for your 2007 International Online Music Award nominations for Best Female Solo Artist, and Best Songwriter. It's a huge achievement by any standard but then it's the kind of thing you should expect for producing such fabulous music!"

Colin Lynch
Executive Director
R Cat Communications

"Purveyors of Excellence in Independent Music"

'and in the end.. the love you take is equal to the love you make' - The Beatles 'Abbey Road' 1969

Colin Lynch - R Cat Communications (Feb 3, 2007)

Maria Daines comes on like a Janis Joplin crossed with Genya Ravan, Juile Driscoll (This Wheel's On Fire) and Tina Turner. You know that, with a title like "TREEBONE", she, and Paul Killington (on guitar), gotta be up to something that's gonna be more than just a "piece of fluff". Well, you're in for a treat. The moment you hear the first song, "Ain't Nobody", you will know, instinctively, that the rest which follows has to be just as substantial. It is! The next song, "One Good Man", confirms this. It starts off nice and gentle, and then, in comes Maria's bluesy vocal. When was the last time you heard raw emotion like this? I bet you'll say "not in a long time".

The album moves on into the next song and, for a slight change of pace, Maria and Paul dive into something almost countryish, "Bring Your Love Along". The blues edge never goes away. Move on to the slower moving "Brandy Queen". It's still there. And there it is again, in the sheer rock and roll pleasure of crunchy guitar laden "Tear Down The Walls".

At this point, you gotta ask: " when was the last time you got your hands on an album you could listen to, start to finish, without having to skip tracks to find something that will grab your attention and keep it?" Every track on this CD drips with energy and raw emotion, even the quiet songs. A well paced album that delivers from beginning to end what others only promise. This is not a pale watered down imitation of classic rock blues. This is the real thing. So, if you're into music with a bite, then "TREEBONE" is just the ablum for you, a bonafide must have.

Music United For Animals is a collection of music that focuses on the plight of animals in the modern world, and one can only hope that this pioneering work inspires other artists to take up the theme. Meanwhile, the voiceless victims of human cruelty could not have wished for a more effective advocate than Maria Daines, accompanied by musician/producer Paul Killington. The language of poetics speaks of the "pathetic fallacy": the ascription of human qualities to inanimate nature. A far more significant--and deeply tragic--fallacy is the failure to ascribe human qualities to creatures in the animal kingdom. Maria Daines offers a powerful antidote, assuming the person of abused, exploited animals and singing their desperation and pain with a depth of authentic emotion that can't fail to touch any but the most calcified spirit. Maria communicates her profound sympathy for the very real and deeply feeling awareness of animals with undeniable, irresistible conviction. And those who share Maria and Paul's concern for animals will be able to identify with the emotional range of the album; for, while some songs, like "I Am The Owner of This Coat," are poignant laments, others explode in angry outrage at the crimes perpetrated against helpless animals by human beings. If you feel anger at the greedy exploitation of puppy mills, at the slaughter of wild horses and whales for profit, at the vicious obscenity of the fur industry, you'll hear your own feelings pouring out in the remarkably powerful voice of Maria Daines and the passionate guitar work of Paul Killington. Maria's voice is a rare instrument, a haunting sound that cuts deep and true, combining exquisite beauty with raw emotion. Hers is a very special talent and one you will be thrilled to have discovered once you make her acquaintance. There are many ancient fables of champions sent by Heaven to fight for the oppressed. Thankfully, such fables sometimes describe a present reality. I'm very, very glad and grateful that Heaven has sent Maria Daines to fight for voiceless animals with a flaming sword of a voice that might cleave through even the ugly armor of human cynicism. If you want an album of richly satisfying music coupled with a message that's moving, meaningful and long overdue, you will love this record. The first song alone is worth more--much more--than the price of the entire outstanding collection. You can't go wrong.

Julia Stephenson: The Green Goddess
Published: 06 September 2007

Last Thursday found me squeezed into a tiny cage with animal welfare campaigner Meg Mathews and chanteuse Maria Daines, who wrote "Monkey in a Cage", the fantastic song that's top of the indie charts and is storming up the main charts. We were raising awareness for Primate Day on 1 September. Horrifically, monkeys and apes are still used in animal experiments despite doctors, scientists, researchers and 200 worldwide welfare groups supporting a ban.

Used to Green Party photo-calls, when often no one turns up at all, it came as a shock to be confronted by about 20 snappers, lured by Meg Mathews who, as the ex-wife of Noel Gallagher of Oasis, is a bona fide celeb, and very nice too.

The snapping went on for some time. We were photographed getting into the cage, climbing out of it, on top of it, under it and pushing it while smiling, looking sad and banging on the bars. Eventually we could climb out and go home, but many animals are not so lucky.

Humans are only locked up for life when they have committed heinous crimes. This doesn't apply to animals. The dolphins stolen from the oceans and put in tiny oceanariums to do stupid tricks for stupid spectators; the wild birds netted and caged; the thousands of monkeys captured in jungles and caged – they have committed no crime, yet must suffer a life of painful confinement.

The campaigners Animal Defenders do a great job drawing attention to the plight of monkeys locked up in dreadful conditions. It's not a fashionable cause, and we'd prefer not to think about it, but we must.

We don't need to capture wild primates and then destroy them in labs. While there are similarities between us and primates, there are key biological differences that make primate research unreliable. The TGN1412 drug trial caused horrific side-effects to human volunteers, although monkeys force-fed a dosage 500 times stronger had no side effects.

If you want to end to primate experiments, email your MEP today and ask them to support the motion being considered by the European Parliament for a ban on primate testing (tomorrow is declaration day for the motion). Already, 293 MEPs have signed up. Only 93 more signatures are needed! You can get your MEP's name and email at

Gandhi said: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated." Let's prove that and end this cruelty now.

See for information about Animal Defenders International and a download of "Monkey in a Cage"

This is a tribute I have written for Maria Daines. There is no question that she, along with her guitarist and fellow music writer, Paul Killington, is the voice for the helpless and hopeless animals of our world through her incredible musical talent. Beyond that, Maria is an awesome human being and I am honored to be her friend.

The Kindred Soul

Our world is made better because of her grace.
Her words so powerful, so strong and true.
Her voice rings like angels' wings flying high on the clouds.
She asks nothing in return, gives all of herself for those
Who have no voice of their own.
She tells each story from her heart and with each haunting song
Come the tears for those whose lives have been lived and ended in pain.
She tells their stories lest no one ever forget;
Of those who might have passed into oblivion's night without her.
She takes the pain she feels from the stories of these precious ones
And turns them into beautiful music for our ears and souls to take in.
She feels their pain and takes her gift to give us all an understanding
Of what might be impossible for some to even begin to see.
She loves with her entire self those creatures who need us so.
The words flow from her mind, her heart, her soul
Until we all can hear that pain and feel their need.
Until we all can realize this horror we humans have created.
She is a kindred soul to the large and small,
All as one in her loving heart.
She lifts us up with her music, takes us down the roads trodden with pain
And the unspeakable suffering of even just the smallest of them.
Those who might never have known more than a few while alive
Are now known throughout the world because of her undying devotion.
Mercy, Biko, Triton, Regina.
Just a few of their names emblazoned into our hearts now forever.
Without her, would we ever have known them?
We all know the answer to that.
Their deaths would have been just another in a never-ending line
Of suffering, unspeakable cruelty, anguish, terror, fear and pain.
Alive she made them, even though their lives here were cut so short
Thanks to the cruel hands of "man".
Yet they achieve a sweet peace and immortality now, thanks to her.
She is an earthbound angel who has a special place already reserved
With her name and words from those whose tiny hearts she blessed,
Saying in their own ways the gratitude they feel for what she does
Each and every day for them and those like them.
She will cross the Rainbow Bridge one day with multitudes following close.
They are waiting for her, because it is she that gave them life
When life was being ripped and torn from them here on earth.
They will dance with glee when that day comes.
Until then, they are her guardians; the ones she saved with her song.
I am blessed to call her "friend".
I stand in awe of her words to me saying I was a kindred soul to her.
How blessed am I to have even heard her voice
Never mind feel that connection of friendship from so far away.
If I can make even a tiny difference, it is because of her.
Her music spoke to my soul and made me want to stand and help.
Like so many thousands of others just like me.
She has touched so many souls from one corner of the earth to the other.
She is the torch of change.
She is the voice of millions.
She is grace personified.
She is the guardian angel of the hopeless and the helpless.
She is the singer of songs that bring life to the lifeless.
She is the bearer of the words we all must hear.
She is the hope for all those who need her so.
She is Maria Daines.
Her light of love shines like a beacon for all of us to follow.

Thank you, my friends, for all that you do.
With all my love.

Bonnie © 07/30/2008

Tribute by Bonnie Snider (Sep 5, 2008)

I think most people expected that when Maria Daines (and partner Paul Killington) won IOMA's Artist Of The Year award in 2005, that they would take off into the real world music business and never be seen online again. Maria and Paul are made of much sterner stuff than that though and the reason for their almost complete silence throughout 2006 was because they have been working to put together a live band that would do them justice. As of the time of writing I have yet to see the band in action but believe me, it's only going to be a matter of time. After all, M&P were MY artists of the year that year too. So, the Maria Daines Band (as they are now known) consist of Paul Killington - guitar, Bob Bampton - bass, Maria Daines - vocals and Dave Whitley - drums.

It would be true to say that since those awards Maria and Paul have become pretty much everybody's darlings and that wouldn't be so if their music wasn't powerful, sophisticated and better than pretty much anything else you are likely to hear - especially in the Blues Rock field. Maria's voice is obviously the first thing you are likely to take notice of; a full bodied blues voice that demands you pay attention or it'll box your ears for you. The second thing you will notice is the absolutely flawless playing of Mr Killington and all. Give it time though, and all of the things that most of us love M&P for will show themselves; sharp, concise lyrics, a song that usually has something to say and a good time feeling that infects every single track I have ever heard from them.

Save Yourself is typical M&P fare, although Maria is showing a more mellow side of her voice than I have heard before but even the most cursory of listens will show you that everything written and said about this artist is true and then some. One of the things that has always impressed me about their tracks is the production nous Paul brings to the party; bigger tracks you will not hear - in any genre you care to name. His use of the stereo spectrum (particularly doing the kind of material they do) is quite startling and is guaranteed to jump out at you from note one, even with a track as laid back as Save Yourself. I heard this last Saturday on Mike-K's SNR show and KNEW I had to review it - principally because it's been fekkin ages since we've heard anything new from this source. Judging by Save Yourself, the wait has been infinitely worth it.

MUST HAVE (as if you didn't know). Stars in their own lunchtime

Steve Gilmore

Steve Gilmore - Online (May 27, 2007)

Maria Daines is a great powerful singer from Cambridge, UK, who, together with fine musician and producer Paul Killington, delivers an outstanding, original and very personal blues rock music. With her unique voice she can do what she wants, and considering the number of awards she has taken, including best international artist of the years 2006 & 2007, my opinion is shared by so many people in the music industry. Blasoned Maria has two records available plus one almost ready, and she's going to tour ro reinforce her reputation and promote her forthcoming LP. As we say in Italy, words are zero, instead of describing Maria, the best thing to do, to enjoy her beautiful warm passionate voice, is to listen to her vibrant songs on her site, a stunning site for blues and classic rock lovers. I've chosen from her more than notable
album "Treebone" an unusual amazing blues song, "You ain't the pickety po", don't have any idea of what it means, but it sounds bloody great.

Long life to Maria Daines!!!

Radio Basile
Roma, Italy

Carlo Basile (May 18, 2007)

Maria Daines and Paul Killington joined SongPlanet a little less than two years ago, and in February managed to reach the very top of our Top 100 Radio Artists of all time chart. This was no small feat! Our charts are based entirely on DJ plays, and with more and more great music arriving on the site, the competition is truly fierce!

Maria and Paul have been recognized as outstanding Indie artists here at SongPlanet and on many other music sites. They also are committed advocates of animal rights, using their music to support a variety of animal protection causes. Congratulations, Maria and Paul on reaching the top!

DJ Mike K (Mar 8, 2007)

I love it when a fellow Brit emerges onto the scene with a refreshingly brilliant album and Maria and Paul have done just that on so many levels that it's actually quite laughingly astonishing! What Paul's stunning musicianship and production do to this classic album is beyond words really but then Maria's eye-widening and intuitively passionate vocals are what provides the necessary balance for an award winning soulful performance.

The album opens up with the unmercifully amazing Ain't Nobody - an Aretha-esque adventure into the land of the heart and soul enriching audio realm where few vocalists of the same standard are adorned with praise and appreciation. Beautifully expressed vocals and stunning bass and guitar work are so well complimenting that you're hit on a whole load of emotional levels in a kinda state of awe! One Good Man delivers mesmerizing vocals and guitar work that is the stuff of the greats and I do mean the 'true' greats darlings! Wouldn't you love to live next door to Maria and Paul just to have the pleasure of being kept awake by the rehearsals and recordings going on in that house? Yep... told yaaa!

The dreamy guitar riffs that open up the rather unforgivingly lovely Bring Your Love Along have obviously been imported from the other half of the sky... and the part where the sun is just happens to be in the hands of Maria's stunning vocals for this incredible masterpiece in songwriting. If the record industry hasn't woken up to this amazing artist yet... then the medication they have taken must be absolutely lethal!

Brandy Queen is the kind of Janis/Tina song my Aunty Mary would have given up a whole carton of Embassy Mild and three crates of Guinness for! Very clever vocals and lyrics are married in such a way that firmly establishes Maria as one of the Best British Female Vocalists of our current times. The versatility and style meanderings that occur in this song are rather amazing to say the least... I'm already getting the impression that Maria's TV license and Council Tax must be provided free of charge as a token of national appreciation! But then we arrive at Tear Down the Walls which is, without a doubt, one of the finest examples of rock and roll that I have heard come out of England in many, many years! Startling vocals and fantastically meandered fret board work make this song a real classic and Maria and Paul should truly be walking on air having their names assigned to the responsibility for this song! What an intensely amazing live performance these guys would have us enduring!

Til I Feel Better is the song that almost had me booking a flight back to the UK just to say hello! Mesmerizing and soulfully enchanting vocals are of the kind that pierces all the right places at once. Again, we are reminiscing on what made Tina Turner and Janis Joplin and Patti Labelle and Millie Jackson divas of their time cos it's just happened here to Maria. There's no doubt that we are indeed not only feeling 'treated' to something wonderful here... but you feel rather 'blessed' at simply having the opportunity to listen. It's that good folks... get your credit/debit card ready and tell British Telecom they're gonna have to wait!

Pack-a-Punch-Mama is what my partner Elley Wilson describes as 'pure unadulterated head bliss for the soul!' with it's country connotations and communions that leave you suitably impressed and in no doubt of Maria's vocal range and prowess. The guitar playing is incredible and at this point I'm gonna ask Paul to send me a guitar pick of his to hang on the R Cat office wall that I can have blessed to ward off evil!

Wicked Eyed Mule delivers that delightfully clever Stevie Nicks/John Martyn style vocal right into the heart of your lap, then your chest, then deep into your soul! After the first minute, the piano arrives to pack in the prizes besides the guitars and you feel like you're in a kinda 'Music R Us' Superstore without the security guys and a huge shopping trolley full of Maria Daines songs!

Too Bad Henry meanwhile, is perhaps one of the best female-fronted rock songs I have heard in decades! The production is superb (as it has been throughout the album) and the arrangement is stunning. Lyrically, the elements of wit and sarcasm work brilliantly and you realize that the scale you set earlier for good ole classic rock has just been extended! You Don't Love Me follows your complete and utter disbelief from the previous vocal performance with some even more meaningful disbelief in the truly classy vocal performance here. 'You don't love me' is a beautiful and passionately delivered song filled with a heightened sense of realism that we can all relate to.

We revisit 'Henry' in Henry's Mother and again we are treated to some very clever songwriting with the kind of arrangement some of the world's best producers must dream of working with… The thing is they'd have to at least equal or surpass Maria and Paul's production here and I honestly can't see that happening can you? It takes some doing to get vocals this well recorded and they've done it perfectly. Brilliant!

You Ain't the Pickety Po takes us back to the kind of vocals that classic female artists build careers upon. I really do hate comparing cos it's silly really when you're this good a singer but you'll find hints of Buffy Sainte Marie, Cher (at her best), and Janis Joplin to name a few. If you let go of the comparisons however, you get Maria Daines at her throat engaging best. A consummate artist with a magnificent arrangement and startling production all over again!

Number 13 is the final track on the album and I really do wish it wasn't. You see... magical performances are drug-like once you get the first few's a long time before you can be truly rehabilitated. With this song... with these fine vocals over such a superb song... you don't wanna be rescued or de-sensitized from anything. You just want more and more and...

Maria Daines and Paul Killington are without a doubt, two of the finest musical virtuosos ever to have mastered their craft in England, packaged it up, and made it possible for us to share in many, many years. Treebone is an important album in many respects... buying the album should be made mandatory and, for Her Majesty's Government, Maria and Paul are assets that should be given their TV Licenses and Council Tax vouchers free for life at the very least simply for making such wonderful music possible.

Colin Lynch
November 6 2005

Colin Lynch - IOMA (International Online Music)

Maria Daines is one of the greatest singers in the animal rights movement! Her great song, "Rise Up", has been played extensively in the US.

Her new song, "Monkey in a Cage", is a real winner! Another great song from Maria Daines!

A Cambridge based singer-songwriter is mounting a chart challenge with a twist.

Award winner Maria Daines and her band will release Monkey in a Cage this week. They have promised to donate the money from all downloads and purchases to Against Primate Experiments (APE), an organisation committed to stopping experimentation on animals - in particular monkeys.

The Maria Daines Band will support American rock superstar Pink at an event in the Cardiff International Arena tonight.

The gig is for the Party For Animals Worldwide charity launch.

Maria Daines -

Rock and roll has long been associated with a political message - usually one challenging authority or status quo.

Maria Daines’ blues-tinged rock songs carry a similar punch, with this three-song EP appealing to a variety of causes.

Opener “Set Us Free” is a song dedicated to stopping horse slaughter, “Andrew” is a powerful ballad sung for the Animals Asia Foundation, while the country-rock of “Street Kids” is sung for the Street Children Of Brazil.

Daines uses her beautifully rounded, Ann Wilson-meets-Bonnie Raitt-style voice to get her messages across, and it works very well.

Without the causes, this is still some finely crafted music. Making it a philanthropic venture just makes it that much more special.

Kevin White - Harderbeat Magazine (Jun 18, 2006)

Music for a cause is nothing new but music solely devoted to animals does seem novel. Maria Daines, a British singer and songwriter has just released a CD entitled, Music United for Animals, that is aimed towards the cause of animal rights and welfare. Says Maria, “As a child I had many pets and my mother taught me how to respect animals.”

Indeed, her album espouses the cause of animals in a medley of situations, starting from dogs in Romania to the horses of the US. “I can think of no better reason to create music and I would like to make a difference that I can feel in my heart, and share with others,” remarks Maria.

The CD features 13 songs, all of which are thoroughly enjoyable. The best song of the album is the ballad, I am the owner of this coat, to make people aware of the horror of the fur trade. Maria has also voiced her concern for Indian animals. Recently, she wrote a song for a protest concerning an elephant polo match organised in Jaipur. She has also performed on BBC recently.

“Everywhere, the animals need a friend,” says Maria. The animals surely have one in her.

Shubhobroto Ghosh - The Telegraph India (Jan 14, 2007)

'Mercy' by Maria Daines is simply beautiful! Her passion is inescapable as she has the power to permeate the soul through the ears. And as is usual the lyrics are straight from the heart!

Church of the Red Room Internet Radio (Oct 21, 2006)

Maria Daines/Paul Killington - I Am The Owner Of This Coat

Last years Artist Of The Year has been suspiciously inactive for much of the year, at least on the online scene. However, my puny, insignificant membe... ummm award paled into the background when the full glare of internet publicity (Ed: ain't that a hoot?) fell on Maria and Paul when they also won IOMA's Artist Of The Year 2005 Award. That, my friends, is pressure. Nonetheless, I've been keeping tabs on the Cambridgeshire contingent and know that they have lots of real-world stuff happening (a live band, gigs, opening of supermarkets, that kind of thing) but they've also become highly involved with animal welfare; as is typified here in the most heart-breaking song you are ever likely to hear - whatever your thoughts on animal welfare are. With its understated arrangement and production, I Am The Owner Of This Coat leaves Maria to fully express every single emotion it is possible for that tremendous voice to pour into an already emotive subject. The CD Music United For Animals has just been released and boasts this front and centre as track one - which it is, in every respect. (Ed: right, and this would be the vocalist you keep referring to as The Gob would it?)

Steve Gilmore - Soundclick, The Stevies, Tracks of the Year 2006 (Jan 14, 2007)

Fozzie Bear's Story

When it makes the author of "How Could You?" cry... ! This should be playing everywhere puppies are sold. Little Fozzie's halo will be gleaming tonight.

Jim Willis

Jim Willis - (May 4, 2006)

Maria's kayak

Maria Daines has received a Kayak award for her song, Mercy

Cambridgeshire based singer-songwriter, Maria Daines, has been awarded a prestigious Golden Kayak award, along with her partner, co-writer and producer, Paul Killington.
The duo received the honour from the Independent Artist Company, for their song Mercy, which won best song in the easy listening/soft rock genre.

The award puts Maria and Paul in good company, as another winner was Pete Townshend, of The Who, who won best song for Just Breathe, which he wrote with Rachel Fuller.

Maria and Paul are currently working on songs for their new album, Boneyard, which follows on from last year's Treebone album.

Inspired by a newspaper article on the history of travelling circuses, they have written a spoken word piece, entitled The Ballad Of Mary Ann Bones, whose protagonist campaigned against the use of wild animals in travelling circuses.

Maria said: "This topic is very much in the public eye at the moment, with a bill being read in UK parliament that may end the use of wild animals as entertainment in the circus.

"We have received hundreds of e-mails and letters from supporters of our music all over the globe. People are especially interested in issues of animal welfare that we bring to attention in our songwriting."

It's been a particularly busy period for Maria and Paul. They are currently working on a song about the seal cull in Canada.

The duo also recently hosted an episode of a blues and jazz podcast, where they interviewed their friend, the legendary Texas Jake Lee, known as the King Of Slide.

And in January this year they were interviewed by BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and four of their songs were played, which provoked a great response.

The Echo (Apr 27, 2006)

Black Mariah by Maria Daines

Big staggering, swampy, fat-tone blues. This is a real bottle of corn whisky this one. This really steps down into the southern ponds and churns up things from the bottom. You just can't get away from the beat on this one, it's like trying to swim through molasses with two open bottles of JD in your hands that you don't wanna spill. Just love it.

Independent Artist Radio (Sep 2, 2006)
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