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'Faith Hope & Sanctuary' 16 track collection of songs for dogs. ~ Track List ~ 1) Laika 2) Buddy's song 3) Red 4) Stray 5) God Bless Jack 6) Phoenix 7) Where do all the angels go? 8) Pit Bull 9) Greek Tragedy 10) Baby Boy 11) The Staffie Song 12) Ebru 13) A song for Angel 14) Lennox 15) Not Guilty! 16) Sad Crazy Law Songs on this CD raise awareness of the plight of man's best friend. Some tracks highlight case histories of cruelty and abandonment, other songs are for dogs who have become victims of man's inhumanity and ignorance due to the injustice of Breed specific legislation, i.e. Lennox, Sad Crazy Law and Not Guilty! This album is dedicated to Kestane (featured on the CD cover) a beautiful stray pup in Turkey who was rescued and cared for by a voluntary group called TARO (Turkish Animal Rescue Organisation). TARO raised funds in the UK to care for Kestane and many others like her who live a life of hunger and fear, often in great danger on the streets. 100 copies of Faith Hope & Sanctuary were donated to TARO to help with their compassionate work. Copies of Faith Hope & Sanctuary were also donated to many animal rescue and campaign organisations, including: New Hope Rescue (UK) Remus Horse Sanctuary (UK) Far From Fear (Germany) Kama's Cave Greyhound Rescue (UK) Save The Dogs (Finland) Feral Cat Rescue (USA, via Rich Russom) Greyhound Compassion (UK) Crostwick Rescue (UK) Hillside Animal Rescue (UK) Galgo Rescue (Netherlands, via Anja Schot) All Dogs Matter (UK) Nowzad (UK) Meriden Humane Society (USA) Wetnose Animal Aid (UK) SPEC - Stop Puppy Farms End Cruelty (UK) DDA Watch (UK)
Our grateful thanks to Janice Tyrrell for offering her time and talent for free in creating the fantastic CD art work for Faith Hope & Sanctuary.