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From the recording HARMLESS


This little song is for all the dogs throughout the world who have suffered at the hands of humans. These animals evolved with our help, to become our companions, but have been betrayed many times over.

A special thought goes out this Christmas to all those people who have had their much loved pet seized because of the terrible, unfair and cruel Dangerous Dogs Act! (Section one - Breed Specific Legislation)

Peace, Paul


We're harmless in the world
Everybody knows
How our lives unfurled
That's the way it goes

We're here because of you
And we became your friends
You told us what to do
Now we're loyal to the end

Darker days are here
How can you be so cruel?
Now we live in fear
Cos you always make the rules

It's easy to be kind
Much harder to be bad
Just look and you will find
The love we always had...

© Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP