From the recording AIN'T NOBODY (acoustic version)


The acoustic version of 'Ain't Nobody'

Wo keep on walkin' when the road is black,
Yeah keep on cryin' when you can't look back,
Keep up the fight, when your hands are tied,
It ain't a bright tomorrow,
It ain't a bright tomorrow,
Gotta find the light.

Keep thinkin' for me,
What I can't reach,
N' keep talkin' for me,
When I can't speak,
Gotta hold the candle to my heart,
It ain't ain't nobody's business,
It ain't nobody's business, what we got.

Keep me nearer, nearer than a tear,
I'll always need you, I need you here,
N' keep lookin' at me, n' don't look far,
When I dream, I dream, of all you are.

Oh I would die to save your soul,
Ain't nobody ever, ain't nobody ever,
Made me whole.

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