From the recording DEEPER THAN WE KNOW


Inspired by a Colin Bennett painting 'Where Dreams Go To Die'

The Meaning...

Where Dreams go to die.

As the Artist of this print, I thought that some explanation of the title would help the viewer to interpret my reasons for deciding on this somewhat romantic theme. The use of just the two colours, Orange and Blue, Orange is a power colour that lends itself well to Blue, and evokes a spiritual feel.

The shape of this textured entity, has a sympathetic look, it is in the final throes of death hence the peeling of the skin, in a nano second life and death are almost at one, to the right of the main shape you will see an explosion of Orange, above and to the top left are the brilliant shapes, that often present themselves to a thought, or indeed a dream.
Science has not yet developed the technology to study what makes a dream, but in this print I have tried to identify the image that I feel most defines that sudden burst of neuro-energy and in doing so gives the viewer an insight, allbeit in a surreal fashion, that which cannot be readily explained, but perhaps enlightens the process of imagination.

Colin Bennett