Maria, love your song 'I wanna run free' you are also a great singer. Sincerely, Willie Nelson ” - Willie Nelson
'I don't think the UK has given us such powerful music since the glory days of The Who and Led Zeppelin! True rock is mostly about attitude and Maria has it in great supply! Her songs, co-written by guitarist Paul Killington, kick the proverbial arse. It is clear at first listen that they are well on their way to musical greatness! But just what is it that makes them so amazing? I think it is the obvious enthusiasm that they put into every note of their music. The great heart and power of the vocals and the quality of the song writing are paramount, but, there is an indefinable thing that happens when someone is born to sing and perform and you experience that rare and precious gift listening to this music. If you mix Janis Joplin and Melissa Etheridge and add a dash of Gretchen Wilson, you will start to comprehend the powerhouse that is Maria Daines' ” - Joey Stuckey

— Artist Launch Online Magazine

Maria Daines: Treebone (Maison Alas; 65.41) Daines, in England, has the tremendously exciting voice of a blues diva in the making. Her bluesy rock album with Paul Killington on guitar and all other instruments tantalizes as the precursor to her straight blues recording promised for release later this year. Many vocalists go an entire career without reaching the rarefied heights attained by Daines on the edgy, atmospheric 'Ain't Nobody' and the potent ballad 'Bring Your Love Along.' ” - Frank-John Hadley

Downbeat Magazine

Pink and Maria Daines play Welsh gig for PAW Pop singer Pink continues her campaigning for animal rights by performing a gig on behalf of Party for Animals Worldwide (PAW) in Cardiff’s International Arena with support by Maria Daines and others. The PAW 2007 sell-out concert will take place on Tuesday 21st August 2007 at Cardiff International Arena and superstar Pink has added an extra date to her European tour to play this one with support by Maria Daines, Rachael Warwick and Smokin´Circus. Pink is reported to have said: “I am very happy giving my time to this very worthwhile cause. I am passionate about animal conservation across the world and through my involvement with PAW I believe we can greatly help raise awareness and funds for animal conservation and welfare charities worldwide.” Pink’s most recent album, ‘I'm Not Dead’ has now sold over one million copies in the UK, and includes four top ten singles, whilst singer-songwriter Maria Daines has been receiving plenty of success with her soulful vocals, hard rock band and her animal rights songs. Maria Daines’ song Monkey in a Cage has been adopted by Against Primate Experiments (APE) and it will be released on Monday 20th August as a download single for a mainstream chart challenge and to raise money for the charity. PAW is a non- profit organisation created to raise awareness for animal welfare and conservation projects worldwide through the creation of an annual Party for Animals Worldwide Music event, and the one in Cardiff headlined by Pink will raise money on behalf of SPANA, Marine Conservation Society, Born Free Foundation, The Monkey Sanctuary Trust, PDSA, and Animals Asia Foundation. ”

Enjoy France

'Chained To You' Gripping and emotionally poignant!! My good god Maria and Paul, you drive the message straight home to the bone with this one ... this is one painful crying out loud eulogy in memory of Shepp ... heart wrenching lyrics, Paul's blistering and crying blues guitar solos ... and your voice Maria - powerful and emotional, quivering and wavering fervently and painfully in all the right places ... you send chills all up and down my spine gal, spilling your heart out painting this picture of Shepp's horrific pain and misery, left alone, sitting, lying, chained and starving, eyes searching and waiting till the very end and that last lonely, helpless dying breath of life ... hungry, tired, cold, wet and alone ... for god's sake Lord, where are You? Where on earth are You? This is one awesome song in every sense of the word - lyrics, vocals, instruments, arrangement, production ... and purpose - humanitarian. God bless you both for such amazing music!! Neil W Young The Legendary Bear Creek Band ”
A "Listen to me" voice that could split bricks or blast the dust off every static thing within 30 yards - Like pebbles in a grinder - like biting a beer glass. ”

— VOX radio

My friend Maria Daines from Cambridge is the kind of artist I long to be. She does not take a stage unless she fully intends to lay it down. And she always lays it down! She speaks out for human rights and is one of the most amazing animal activists I've ever known. She is simply using her God-given gifts the way he intended! Chelle Rose 2008 ”

Chelle Rose

'Congratulations Maria and Paul on your Artist of the Year Award for the second year running and for your 2007 International Online Music Award nominations for Best Female Solo Artist, and Best Songwriter. It's a huge achievement by any standard but then it's the kind of thing you should expect for producing such fabulous music! regards.. Colin Lynch Executive Director R Cat Communications Purveyors of Excellence in Independent Music 'and in the end.. the love you take is equal to the love you make' - The Beatles 'Abbey Road' 1969 ” - Colin Lynch

— R Cat Communications

Maria Daines comes on like a Janis Joplin crossed with Genya Ravan, Juile Driscoll (This Wheel's On Fire) and Tina Turner. You know that, with a title like "TREEBONE", she, and Paul Killington (on guitar), gotta be up to something that's gonna be more than just a "piece of fluff". Well, you're in for a treat. The moment you hear the first song, "Ain't Nobody", you will know, instinctively, that the rest which follows has to be just as substantial. It is! The next song, "One Good Man", confirms this. It starts off nice and gentle, and then, in comes Maria's bluesy vocal. When was the last time you heard raw emotion like this? I bet you'll say "not in a long time". The album moves on into the next song and, for a slight change of pace, Maria and Paul dive into something almost countryish, "Bring Your Love Along". The blues edge never goes away. Move on to the slower moving "Brandy Queen". It's still there. And there it is again, in the sheer rock and roll pleasure of crunchy guitar laden "Tear Down The Walls". At this point, you gotta ask: " when was the last time you got your hands on an album you could listen to, start to finish, without having to skip tracks to find something that will grab your attention and keep it?" Every track on this CD drips with energy and raw emotion, even the quiet songs. A well paced album that delivers from beginning to end what others only promise. This is not a pale watered down imitation of classic rock blues. This is the real thing. So, if you're into music with a bite, then "TREEBONE" is just the ablum for you, a bonafide must have. ” - Bryan Anthony

Treebone Review by Wickman Music

Music United For Animals is a collection of music that focuses on the plight of animals in the modern world, and one can only hope that this pioneering work inspires other artists to take up the theme. Meanwhile, the voiceless victims of human cruelty could not have wished for a more effective advocate than Maria Daines, accompanied by musician/producer Paul Killington. The language of poetics speaks of the "pathetic fallacy": the ascription of human qualities to inanimate nature. A far more significant--and deeply tragic--fallacy is the failure to ascribe human qualities to creatures in the animal kingdom. Maria Daines offers a powerful antidote, assuming the person of abused, exploited animals and singing their desperation and pain with a depth of authentic emotion that can't fail to touch any but the most calcified spirit. Maria communicates her profound sympathy for the very real and deeply feeling awareness of animals with undeniable, irresistible conviction. And those who share Maria and Paul's concern for animals will be able to identify with the emotional range of the album; for, while some songs, like "I Am The Owner of This Coat," are poignant laments, others explode in angry outrage at the crimes perpetrated against helpless animals by human beings. If you feel anger at the greedy exploitation of puppy mills, at the slaughter of wild horses and whales for profit, at the vicious obscenity of the fur industry, you'll hear your own feelings pouring out in the remarkably powerful voice of Maria Daines and the passionate guitar work of Paul Killington. Maria's voice is a rare instrument, a haunting sound that cuts deep and true, combining exquisite beauty with raw emotion. Hers is a very special talent and one you will be thrilled to have discovered once you make her acquaintance. There are many ancient fables of champions sent by Heaven to fight for the oppressed. Thankfully, such fables sometimes describe a present reality. I'm very, very glad and grateful that Heaven has sent Maria Daines to fight for voiceless animals with a flaming sword of a voice that might cleave through even the ugly armor of human cynicism. If you want an album of richly satisfying music coupled with a message that's moving, meaningful and long overdue, you will love this record. The first song alone is worth more--much more--than the price of the entire outstanding collection. You can't go wrong. ” - Gary Frederick Edwards