From the recording WAITING FOR CHANGE


With grateful thanks to Janice Tyrrell for creating this beautiful art for Ace's song.

This is a song for Ace, an emaciated pit bull who was not given a chance to recover or to be adopted and have a happy life after he was taken to animal control when he was found by the owner of a hardware store, as a stray. Ace was suffering and weak from starvation yet he was denied a future because of archaic breed specific law in Detroit which directly discriminates against dogs of his type.

Wherever BSL exists there will be injustices and cruelty such as this.

BSL doesn't work, it causes heartbreak and means innocent healthy dogs are killed simply because they look a certain way.

These heartfelt words were written by Mark, the owner of the ACE Hardware store that Ace the dog wandered into. Mark is maybe the last person to personally give Ace care and love unreservedly, while he was still alive.

‎"Dear Ace, you came into my lobby, crouched behind my door and stared blankly at the wall, shaking. I could see your pain - I fed you, warmed you and you rewarded me by finally looking into my eyes, and for a moment, we shared your pain. I reached for the phone, thinking that I could find you a better life... Instead I sent you to your death. Please forgive me. You did not die in vain, nor will you be forgotten. This I promise you. Your last but far from only friend."

November 2011

''It's more than just about Ace, because the abuse or neglect of a dog, man's most loyal companion, is a symptom of a sick world.''
Paul Killington

November 2011

'Waiting for Change'

They didn't like your face
They wouldn't give you a single chance
To find your special place
And now it's all too late...

You thought you would be safe
And your pain would go away
Oh you were so afraid...
A little dog named Ace

How could anyone not see your pain?
It's not a crime and you were not to blame

And the whole world's waiting for change
Action is louder than rage
There must be hope in our sight
For every wrong there is right

A pitbull's just a dog
And in the eyes of God
Every creature needs some love
Some help when time's are tough

Now you will rest in peace
From your suffering released
Let your death not be in vain
Save the helpless in your name

How could anyone not see your pain?
It's not a crime and you were not to blame

And the whole world's waiting for change
Action is louder than rage
There must be hope in our sight
For every wrong there is right
And the whole world's waiting for change, change!
Action is louder than our rage
There must be hope in our sight
For every wrong there is right, right, right!

Waiting for change...

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

Rest in peace precious Ace, gone to a better place xx

Please send your memorial tribute words for Ace and they will be added to this page. Thank you xx

"Ace" may your passing not have been in vain, it is just one more testament to how cruel and heartless humans can be towards one of GODS beautiful creations. RIP dear one, run free.

Ronnie A. Rook
Little Paws Yorkie Rescue

Dearest little heart Ace:
You sought out salvation from human hands
and only met with a cruel fate.
Please know that in every land
we are working to erase this hate
of your kind and bring love to bear.
You ARE loved and always will be by many more millions than you could ever have imagined. You will be avenged. For now, we know you are in a better place. Rest, sweet soul, rest.

Morgana Washington
Welcome Home Sanctuary Inc.,




A memorial poem from Tammy



My name is Ace
I live on Death Row
Why I've been sentenced
I surely don't know...
Maybe they feel
I'm not pretty enough
or that I'm too small
not fearless and tough...

Or maybe they think
I'm just not as smart
But what I lack in good looks
I make up for with heart...
My name was Ace
though it's been changed many times
Still I never lost hope
that some day I would find,
a family that loved me
or someone that cared
I hoped they would find me
and with whom I'd be paired...
I didn't want much
just a place I could sleep
a small little corner
near somebody's feet;
Or maybe a yard
where I could run and chase balls,
Where I wouldn't be beaten
or thrown into walls;
Where I wouldn't be kicked
or cast aside
a place I could bark
and not have to hide...
No, I didn't want much,
just a fresh bowl of food
where I wouldn't be yelled at
when they're in a bad mood;
A place I could live
and feel I belong,
and not made to feel
that I did something wrong...
I tried to be a good dog
and tried hard to please
yet no one would keep me
I can't help all my fleas;
I've been to the shelter
more times than I know
My hair slowly greying
Guess it's starting to show...
I'm not young anymore
I guess I'm too slow
as the people pass by me
and continue to go...
All the families walk past
without even a glance
if only they'd give me
just one half a chance...
As I sit here
all alone in my cell,
My howls are my cries
as my tears start to well,
my eyes look betrayed
and my heart stays afraid,
Still I have hope
someone will come to my aid;
And walk by my cage
and not pass me by,
and pick up my paws
and not make me cry,
But take me home
so I can live my last years
happy and loved
with no tears and fears...
I promise to be a very good lad,
and help you thru life
when you're lonely and sad,
and comfort your tears
while making you laugh;
I'd give you my all
and not just a half...
Wait, here's a new family
as they walk thru the shelter,
And the little girl smiles!
Oh,Yes! I felt her!
I'm sure they will take me
to live my new life
with this nice new family
and the man and his wife...
But wait, now they're leaving
how could they go?
They didn't even notice
as I put on my show...
I guess I'm not pretty
and maybe too old
my bones seem so achey
this concrete's so cold
I tried to dance for them
to give them a smile
but now they've passed by me
and walk toward the aisle...
Now they have gone
I sit alone in my cage,
wondering why they left
Was it my looks or my age?
This was my last chance
for a new start
but passed over again,
I sit alone with my heart...
Tomorrow I hear
My times 'over' it seems
and they'll 'put me to sleep'
whatever that means...
My name was Ace
as I lay here and cry,
Another day I'm passed over
I'll soon say 'good bye'...
I guess I'll sit here
just waiting for death
but I'll never lose hope
till I take my last breath
Tomorrow will be here
and then I will sigh,
as they put me to sleep
and I slowly die...
Before you go out and buy new pet
from a breeder or pet store
here's one thing you get,
No, not some papers
to flash in the air
to prove your dog's better
or has nicer hair,
All that means nothing
and if it does
you should recheck yourself
just because.
What you get
is some frivilous debt
for a pedigreed puppy that soon you'll regret
and when he grows up
and you've tired of him
You'll go to the pound
and drop him off on a whim...
just another 'Ace'
his name will be
like the millions of others
who end up for free...

With love from Tammy xx