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From the recording WANNA BE AROUND


Introduction to 'Wanna Be Around'

The idea for this song came to me while driving home one night, I think I'd had a bad day. When it comes to lyrics and melodies, my creative process is very different from Maria's. A song will simmer away in my head for days, weeks, even months before I'm ready to let it out, whereas Maria will be recording her main vocal literally minutes after she's put down her pen, she does this on a regular basis, which I find awesome, if it was left to me, we'd have two songs a year!

Well I simmered on this one for a week before I played it to Maria and we both thought it had something, but I was a few lines short. How lucky can you be to have Maria Daines sitting opposite you! She put pen to paper then handed me the lines twenty seconds later and I set to work.

I've never thought of myself as a singer, although I do sing live occasionally, which I find easier as you only get one shot, so you tend to give it everything, but recording is a different thing entirely, so when I opened my mouth here I didn't know what would come out, and when it did, I realised I had some work to do.

Maria asked me what this song was about and I said I didn't know, which is quite a common thing I think. Words just come out and you don't really know what you were trying to say until you hear it in its entirety, or someone else points it out.

I suppose it's a depressing little song, but it's about three things - my own personal failings, some crazy longing to see the planet heal itself, and a naive hope that ordinary people might one day change things, and also of course, as always, it was an excuse to have a blast on the guitar! I hope someone likes it. It will probably be some time before you hear anything from me vocally again, as I'm happy and fulfilled with my role as Maria Daines's guitarist and producer for her wonderful songs and voice.

Peace, Paul
18th July 2007

'Wanna Be Around'

Sometimes I think I'd be better off dead
Sometimes I think it's in my head
Just when it seems I got things right
I feel a hand on my shoulder in the middle of the night

You won't believe me if I speak the truth
'Bout a hard luck future and a misspent youth
People talkin' all the time
But they never say what's on their mind

I just wanna be around, when it all comes clear
I just want another chance to make a difference here

Don't go gettin' the wrong idea
'Bout the way it's lookin' and the road to fear
I can't take in the global news
I'm just walkin' in my own shoes

The picture fades on the price we pay
Hatred takin' our lives away
Guns n' war gonna hold us down
N' I'm still livin' in nowhere town

I just wanna be around, till it all comes clear
I just want another chance to make a difference here
Till the sun burns out, till the forest disappears
I just wanna be around
To feel the love that's here

© Daines/Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

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