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Maria Daines: MUSIC


(Maria Daines/Paul Killington)
September 9, 2011


This song is for anyone who has ever felt fear that their innocent dog could be seized under breed specific legislation.

How does it feel to look at your family dog, your beloved loyal companion, your best friend... and worry that one day he or she could be seized and taken to an unknown destination - a place you cannot visit while the dog's life hangs in the balance until a decision is made by a court of law as to whether the dog will live or die - because of its appearance?

BSL means a dog can be found to be of banned 'type' based on its measurement, appearance, characteristics and shape. If you think section 1, the breed specific part of the UK's Dangerous Dogs Act, should be repealed then please contact your MP and speak up for innocent family dogs that are getting a very bad deal from this very bad law!


Because no dog is inherently dangerous because of its breed, type or shape.


'I Just look this Way'

They say I'm guilty but what did I do?
All I know is I love you
I'm as good as the person you are to me
Good as the dog you want me to be

OK I'm funny and I laze around
That's cos I know I'm on solid ground
I need you and you need me too
But sometimes you look so sad and blue

What's this thing that could tear us apart?
I feel it worrying your gentle heart
You look at me with a trust I know
And I feel one day I might - have to go

But I'm not guilty I just try so hard
To be the one close to your heart
And if I die because of lies
I know you'll never break these ties
I know I look like good is bad
But I'm the love within your hands
Speak for me, for I can't say
I'm not guilty, I just look this way...

© Maria Daines/Paul Killington
All Rights Reserved
(mcps) ASCAP

Our grateful thanks to Janice Tyrrell for creating the poster art for this song.