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Maria Daines: YOUR WORDS

copin bernard

November 12, 2019

A tu l intention de venir chanter en France en 2020
Pour moi ce serai un cadeau merveilleux
Bravo j adore ton suis sous le charme
bien a toi

copin bernard

November 5, 2019

je t ai decouverte il y apeux mais depuis ce n est que du bonheur. Tu me bouleverse et ta voix me procure enormement de plaisir er de bonheur.

j ai 68 ans j ecoute beaucoup les stones et la j ai decouvert que la musique que ta musique est plus puissante que no bons vieux stones.MERCI JE T AIME

Georgi Georgiev

August 29, 2019

Maria Daines

Hello, I am your fan and fan from the very beginning of introducing you to the creative songs, I do not know until now if anyone has written you, but I allow myself to thank you for the amazing songs and performances. I have allowed myself to make some videos without your permission , but please excuse me and ask you if I can continue to make videos, I will be very grateful, it is about you tube ...
I apologize for the concern, but I think it is right to ask you a lot, I will be glad for your permission ... Greetings from Bulgaria, I wish you many success ....


July 26, 2019

Hi Maria ! I'm a music lover and I've been listening to so various and real music styles throughout my life. Music is an unlimited world where anyone can find such personally satisfying, relaxing and enloyable vibrations. I'm 67 and I've only discovered your music some time ago. Life is so strange. Why did it take me so long to find out about your wonderful songs. And your great voice as well as your words and voice often bringing tears to my eyes and goosebumps too. Being a Mother Nature and animal lover it's needless to tell you I enjoy listening to your "Shelter me" songs. The lyrics are so true, so simple and so wonderful at the same time. Thank you so much for the music from your heart. My favourite song is In fondest memory of Kate. I just wish all people would fully respect our dear companions and the wild ones. They can teach us so much love and honnest behaviours. One more time thank you for your so human and wonderful songs. Keep them up !

Stanka Tacheva

July 20, 2019

Hello Maria!
You sang my life, my way of life in incredible rock! When you are different, everyone is fleeing from you! Thanks!
Greetings from distant Bulgaria!

Get Tough!

Oscar Armando

July 9, 2019

Thanks for your music, I DO LOVE IT. Keep on doing it!!!

Linda MacDonald

November 22, 2018

Where can I get a copy of 'Friends in Kind Places'?

Paola Altomonte

October 22, 2017

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful music and message.
My dog died in april this year and I become vegan short after as I discover the truth about all the meat industries, wool industry, down feather, cosmetics industry...
So I become vegan to honor the loyalty, love and kindness of my furry friend and for all the innocent beings out there, around the world, that are suffering slavery, cruelty or abuse of any kind...
I wish those animals could hear your music... those hopeless animals that haven't feel or hear anything kind in their entire life...

Andy Gard

July 31, 2017

Hello Maria, found you by watching you tube vid, love dogs, love your music, love the work you do. Respect from Norfolk. xx Andy

Tony Connell

July 18, 2017

Hi Maria, I discovered you by listening to a blues combination on youtube. You don't love me played and I thought it was just an incredible song, beautifully performed by you. I went to Amazon and ordered your latest album Treebone, great great album, my current favourite. I had no idea you were English, in fact I had you down as a big American star !! I've just found out you'll be at The Cambridge Rock Festival on Aug 4th - I intend to be there !! Thanks for your beautiful music, and congratulations on your work for dogs, well done indeed - Tony xx

Brien Comerford

June 6, 2015

" The Dance Of Death" is still another resplendent, compelling and brilliant anthem by Maria Daines. Her energy for animal rights and social justice is inspiring. This song reproves bull-fighting which is another crime against God's creatures. Maria' vocals and Paul's riffs continue to excell at making astounding songs to make this life more humane and compassionate for humans and animals.

Brien Comerford

December 21, 2014

Happy holidays and New Year to my favorite vocalist Maria Daines and Paul who is one of my favorite guitarists. The only thing that tops their astounding music is their profound love for animals(our fellow sentient beings and creatures of God.)

Chalkiopoulos Christos

December 8, 2014

Hi there. I heard your song on tunein and guess what I cannot find it on the web nowhere.

This great song was titled "Maria Daines - Stop Lovin You". It plays every night in the same greek radio station. I even have a recording. I tried Shazam/youtube/spotify/iTunes and nothing, nowhere!!! :-)
What is the story with this song?

Cheers from Greece,

Sherry Green

September 21, 2014

I love the song SOS Have not heard the others yet.

Brien Comerford

August 18, 2014

I hate to report that my cat "Tommy" is gravely ill. Throughout the years he has also enjoyed Maria's vocals. Her and Paul create emotive and cathartic songs that in many instances are healing for the minds of both humans and our animal companions.

Erik -Hooker Green

August 16, 2014

Best regards to You. I enjoy every time to watch your videos and listen to your music. Erik

nancy messer

February 8, 2014

I live in Rochester Michigan U.S.A. and I just had to take a moment to say how great it is that someone is speaking on behave of all the abused animals. I wish you would tour in our area it would be wonderful to hear you. Meanwhile, how do I order from your site....I am not sure with the money thing.....Coninute to fight some of us do in much smaller ways....

Brien Comerford

January 29, 2014

Just imagine Maria and Paul have wriiten over 100 excellent songs to raise awaremess and compassion for animals. Maria is my favorite vocalist and Paul is a refined and vitruosic guitarist.

John Markusic

January 9, 2014

Received you CD today Faith, Hope & Sanctuary. Thank you so much for the signed card from you and Paul. I will enjoy the CD and hoping you record more. Take care and keep up the work you do for all. Bless both of you. From across the great waters. John

John Markusic

December 28, 2013

I love your music. You must be very compassionate about your work. I truly enjoy you as a person without knowing you but through your music. I rescue stray dogs, get them to the vet for care and find loving homes for them once they are nourished properly. Great job Maria. You are an Angel.


December 23, 2013

Awful quiet around here....
Sure hope my old pals are ok...
Happy Holidays from across the pond!


Brien Comerford

July 25, 2013

SOS is such an endearing and wondrous song. Your causes are always so compassionate too.

Mucka (Bucky)

March 15, 2013

Called by to say G'
Day from down under.

Hope all is well with you, Paul and family.

Still love your music.

Susanne H.

February 27, 2013

Saw your video "Justice for Regina" on facebook. I once again was so very much upset about what human beeings are able to do to animals. I have bought your CD already. Hope you can do sth. for the animals. I myself have a now 16years old black and large dog. We have found him at his age of 6 years in our locational animal shelter, where he lived, because he was rescued out of maltreatment. For now ten years he has been our very best friend,our beloved familymember,who is now very old and I know, that the time of sad farewell is no more very far. But we know, we have given a home to someone who has earned it, just as any animal deserves
Your voice is wonderful, the music fantastic and I´m looking forward to listen to the CD
Kind regards and best wishes from Germany Susanne
(Sorry for the surely having made mistakes. My school english is long ago and so it is not that easy for me to write in english) But I hope, you can understand what I wanted to say :-)


January 22, 2013

Hi Maria and Paul

Just stopping by to wish you and yours all the very best always! Your work and musical contributions to the plight of changing lives for the better is admired, respected and so very much needed! You give people and animals cause to embrace the love they have and cherish. Your very meaningful community engagement has gone towards saving many lives and bringing comfort to those in need. Bringing awareness to important issues that should and do concern us all is given selflessly in your work of compassion and understanding. One day, perhaps, you may write a song about how BSL was abolished and the laws of Owner Specific Legislation came to be. Some say, people make the difference. In terms of dog ownership and responsibility, good or bad, people are directly responsible for their animals happiness, health and freedom! I have learned very much about your work over the past 7 years of being acquaintances via the internet. You have been a supportive and very giving friend and compatriot of peace. I am honored to be able to call you friend. May your future endeavors bring you happiness and success in any way you may perceive that to be. Hands of friendship extended to the world...that's you Maria and Paul...all the way! Peace, love and harmony, I Love You! Zest

Connie Astlin

January 6, 2013

Love your music, and the fact that you are devoted to animals. Thanks so much for all you do!

Brien Comerford

December 21, 2012

"The Story Of Super Mouse is another emotive and evocative song. Equally brilliant and compassionate. Bravo Maria and Paul.

Brien Comerford

July 17, 2012

There was international outrage over what happened to Lennox. I need to listen to great music by Maria, Paul McCartney, Chrissie Hynde and Jeff Beck to take comfort in the fact that such talented singers and musicians share my compassion for animals. Rock on !


July 15, 2012

Dear Maria & Paul, Heartbreaking to hear that Lennox exists only in our hearts and minds now. You brought awareness to Lennox's devastating circumstance. Your music brings hope that one voice turns to thousands and millions more voices being heard. As hard as it is to continue fighting for what is right, your community always appreciates the peaceful, artistic and practical applications of love you apply to your work of compassion. Like you, I am devastated by the tragic and unnecessary treatment of Lennox & family. Keep the knowledge that you do make a positive impact via your hard work and love for all life. Gratutude to you both for being a beacon of hope for the world. Peace, Zest

Voicila Gabriela

April 22, 2012

Thank you Maria, God bless you!

Carmen Perez

April 4, 2012

It should be more people like you, artist and famous using their voices for the voiceless!!

Tracy Errington

March 22, 2012

Love your songs, especially Racing to death, I own three ex racers. Your compassion and talent are exceptional. Thank you for giving the voiceless a chance to speak! You are wonderful. x

Donna Davidge

March 10, 2012

thank you for using your artistic voice and talent to help voice the needs of animals..bless YOU!

Brien Comerford

March 1, 2012

Maria's compassion for animals is as boundless as her talented vocal gifts. Thank you for the riveting new song on behalf of direly imperiled "Tigers".

Ben Clingerman

January 31, 2012

Heard You on a old Murphy's Saloon JUST LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!

Cathy Jones

January 24, 2012

Your video made happy and sad at the same time. Thanks you so much for what you are doing to save these animals that have no choice. You are a blessing for the voiceless. ♥

Brien Comerford

January 9, 2012

Happy 2012 to Maria and Paul. The most talented band ever to support the humane treatment of our fellow creatures in the animal kingdom.


January 7, 2012

I have just been given one of your CD's by my better half.

Wonderful music, even our three dogs (Soya, street rescue from Greece, Silver, ex UK racing greyhound and Salvi, a young Spanish Galgo found almost dead by the side of the road) like it.
Currently we support 2 charities here in France:

Hoping for a better world for the thousands of badly treated animals!

Kristin Key

December 23, 2011

I love your song "I Just Look This Way". I am grateful for living in a state and a county in the US where Pit Bulls are still allowed, but I live with the fear every day that a law will be past that will ban my beautiful babies who have never hurt a soul in their life.


November 30, 2011

Thankyou so, so much for allowing Rainbow Bridge to be DLed from here. I'm preparing to have my 14.5yr old dog euthanized in a couple of days, and they streamed your song at and I really needed it to have it with me leading up to this Monday when I him go. Thankyou for sharing your talent and your music freely.

Sonja A. Buholzer

November 24, 2011

Your great music for the voiceless in this world - our beloved animals and especial Spain's forgotten angels, the Galgos and Podencos, are so precious. Thanks, Maria - your contribution to a better world is incredible important. Keep in touch!

michael lobb

November 22, 2011

Your music is powerful and beautiful,and at times painful to listen when you describe the hurt these beautiful creatures go through at the hands of some people, it makes me angry and I don't see the cause for such awful abuse to innocent loving creatures, but thank you for making it your mission to tell these lovely silent creatures stories so they're lives don't pass without notice. If it touches me this deeply I know others will feel as moved as I am Maria, the world needs more people like you to fight the cruelty some humans are capable of, it sometimes makes me ashamed to be a part of the human race I have to admit, but there are some who care and I feel fortunate to have a few among my friends.

Jennifer Stephens

November 16, 2011

Maria, I heard the song you wrote about Toby the pommy that was tortued.Is there anyway you could write a song for Lennox brooke is 12 and needs him home , hes been gone from home since may can read most of the stuff on lennox on the facebook page supporters for lennox.your music is beautiful.too many abused animals and taking away a little girls fuzzy butt is abuse in itself . God bless you xo


November 6, 2011

Thank you so very much Maria for writing and recording the tribute song for our beloved Vegas Nevada. Yours and Paul's time and talents you gave to this song and to the memory of Vegas are amazing. The song you wrote and recorded shall forever bring the beauty of the life we were fortunate to share with Vegas during his time with us of almost 12 years. The video adds to our remembrance of Vegas in song, pictures and video. We are truly grateful for your kindness and compassion not only to us, but also the amazing work you do for so many people and animals through your compassion and music. We and many thousands upon thousands of people and animals have realized true comfort through all of your efforts Maria and Paul. To say we appreciate what you do is only a small way of showing our gratitude. We shall spread the word of the work you do and your music to the world. Maria and Paul, your, My Song In A Million Web Site, project and causes do amazing work to heal many. Best wishes for success in all you do through your music, compassion, friendship and peaceful creative activism. Bless you and all always! Zest
Vegas Nevada - Maria Daines - My Song In A Million Tribute

Brien Comerford

October 13, 2011

Words cannot describe the plaudits, commendation, laudation and approbation that the exemplary vocalist Maria Daines merits for her songs dedicated to animals. She is a luminous light in a dark world. God bless her-She's a Godsend.


October 12, 2011

re " I just look this way "
Heartwrenching !!


September 3, 2011

One love for always - many loves in a lifetime. And each one different, each one precious. Maria - it just keeps getting better and better ! Love you guys xoxo

Mary Alice

August 26, 2011

Maria the song Robbie just reached down to the core of my soul - it is absolutely fantastic and without a doubt one of my favourites - so far. So made me think of my own one in a million - Alfy :( my co-rescurer who loved and cared for everything who came to us, no matter what ......... over 3 years and still missing him so much, and of course precious Sheba now too. Thank goodness for your tributes in song to which will help other doggies and give such a treasured gift to the people who are left behind without their special fur friends -:) just as your song for Jollity Farm has done for us !

Dalia E. Hettfield

July 17, 2011

GOD Bless you Always Beloved Maria and all the people that work with you.
You Are My Heroes!!! Thank You so much for everything you do.
Much Love, Light, Respecta.

Annie Faulkner

July 6, 2011

Thank you for the beautiful song BAD NEWS COMIN' OUTA MEMPHIS. We really need more public awareness of the horrifying state of Memphis Animal Services.

Barbara Duke

July 6, 2011

Thank you for making this song. It says a lot about the Memphis Animal Shelter. Some kind of justice needs to come for the many innocent dogs and cats that go in but never come out. The latest in a string of supposely accidents Kapone an 11 year old pit bull male who went in with his family fur friend, was listed as being with her. She was there, but Kapone was no where to be found. His family and a number of us in rescue fears he was PTS. The killed dogs he may have been in was gotten rid of before his human daddy could see them. His human mama could not view the remains of the dogs because she had his human sister with her. It is sad and wrong when a kill shelter does not allow those they pick up a second chance at a loving family. Or those who have a loving family, not allow them to find their furry family member. I pray that now with National Interest in MAS, it becomes a better shelter and a no-kill shelter. Pray for all the stays they pick up to make it out.

Jody Lima

June 9, 2011

Hi Maria, i just wanted to say you are fantasic. Your music touches deeper than the soul. We are a 2 person group starting an organization here in Washington State, USA to help shelters, foster homes for animals, and HIV+ people to help them with and keep their animals. We are so much for animals that humans come 2nd to us both. PLEASE keep up the great work you are both doing for these without a voice. Thank you.

Debbie Rigg

May 11, 2011

came across your site from a friend posting on face book. I'd like to thank you for the beautiful song you wrote for Patrick. He truly is proof that miracles can happen.. love your voice and style of music. Our 4 legged friends need people like you to be their voice,and support the awareness needed to put an end to animal cruelty.
Thank you again for what you do. You now have a new fan who will continue to follow you in the future and share your name with all my animal friends.

Ronnie Rook

May 7, 2011

I am so glad I found your website. You are such a wonderful person, the world needs so many more of you. Bless you for doing more than your share in the quest to help the voiceless...I am honored just to be able to listen to you music.


April 29, 2011

Hi Maria and Paul .. A massive thank you for all your help and support for Turkish stray animals ..
BIG HUGS ..Nees xx ( TARO & Kestane x )


April 28, 2011

This world has needed you for oh so long, what can I made me cry...Thank you from the bottom of my heart...For the love of all are the voice.

Kirsty owens

April 8, 2011

A massive THANK YOU! for writing the hauntingly sad song 'A Hutch is not enough'. For far too long Rabbit's have been the silent prisoner at the bottom of the garden. Rabbit's are the third most kept pet in the UK - but also the most neglected - and we call ourselves a nation of animal lovers?.

Brien Comerford

April 7, 2011

Maria is also a vegetarian which is great because as long as we have slaughterhouses and hunting fields we will continue to have homicides and battlefields.

karina zimmermann

April 4, 2011

its a fanstatic thing youre doing! so is your music and the lyrics. it touches my heart!
thank you in the name of all animals


April 4, 2011

Maria can you please - please post the Jollity Farm song on your IAC page so I can include it in my station there :) Can't imagine my station without it xooxox

Brien Comerford

April 3, 2011

Plaudits for Maria and Paul for being the first truly excellent band that dedicates vintage songs for the humane treatment of dogs and other animals. God bless you two !


March 30, 2011

Hi Guys...stopping by to see if the lights were still on...happy to see they are. Listened to Stray a couple times...what a beautiful song. So well done top to bottom, end to end. Great writing and all pro tune for a very worthy cause. Hope you and the critters are all well.
peace & love.....Pine


February 8, 2011

Hi....:)) THANK YOU for using your powerful voice and music to help these beautiful,innocense souls the animals!! I have sent you an e-mail showing some pictures I have painted...I hope one day my pictures really can help animals in need in some way... Love from norway.

Julie Frew (StaffySi)

December 27, 2010

Thank you Maria and Paul for all you've done for animals in 2010, you are both awesome and I love you! It was a privilege to meet you at the Bsl vigil in London, see you there again in 2011! Wishing you a peaceful and very successful 2011, keep on rockin' and spreading the word!! Peace and love Julie and Stig xxxxxx

Jenny Minshull

December 25, 2010

Have just found you by chance. Amazing voice, amazing subjects, very very emotional for me. Tears streaming down my face, but I love it and love you.

Brian Sidler

December 15, 2010

We know this is another story that you'd find interesting Maria - Love ya still - from all of us st the vibe Brian Sidler


November 30, 2010

Your voice tuch my hart.
Ciao from Italia

Chris and Mary Alice

November 21, 2010

Maria, Paul - there are just no words to express how we feel about the tribute to Jollity Farm. It was painful but in a wonderful way to listen to the song and to read the words - slowly we are able to smile again, giving thanks for all the precious souls who touched our lives during our 13 years of rescue there. And yes - we are rebuilding, just in a different way now. Thank you so much for your love, friendship and support ! xoxo

Texas Jake

November 14, 2010

Thank you for this wonderful tribute to Mary and Chris for there love of animals and effort to give them a home on their little farm.It was a sad day for me to,when the "powers-that-be"took away all their hard work.For no reason!Mary and Chris I am sending you my love and best wishes for the future.Ya"ll are in my heart.
Texas Jake Lee

Mike Thompson

November 14, 2010

Maria and Paul you have expressed the feelings of all who know Mary Alice, Chris and Jollity farm.
This is one of your finest creations.
Brabara & Mike

gail clement

November 10, 2010

Your a real star for all you do for theses babies.
i wish i could do more to help
i wish i had a place to go help with these rescu babies where i could also take my babies to play each day too, as my babies love everyone they meet and love socializing with other dogs and humans too :)

Judi Harvey

October 9, 2010

Hi Maria, your song for Jack is beautiful. Please get it published. You obviously give so much time to trying to end animal abuse - thank you from all the animals you are helping and from those who are of like mind. xx Found the song on You Tube now I cant - any help?

Mary Alice

October 4, 2010

I know that you don't expect a thank you but I feel that I must, today being WORLD DAY FOR ANIMALS, I want to give thanks to all those who give their hearts, time and energy to helping and saving animals. You, Maria and Paul - have gone that step further, with your music you put a thought into the minds of those who perhaps would not have thought about the so many issues you have written and recorded about. I give thanks for the day you came into our lives - and theirs ! xoox


October 3, 2010

Where can we purchase your song "will you be there"? I absolutely love it and cannot seemto find it here is the US! LOVE your music!


September 15, 2010

Dear Maria and Paul,
Your music and songs are some of the most powerful I've heard in years.

I'm a volunteer teacher in a Buddhist Sunday School in Malaysia. I'm organizing a class project to create awareness of responsible pet ownership and proper treatment of animals. We intend to visit an animal rescuer whose animal shelter has been given the push around. We'll be making a video presentation to all the kids in the Sunday school and I'd really appreciate it if I could use your song "Heart and soul" in it. If you could let us share the lyrics and chords, I'd really like the students to sing it themselves too.

Hope it's not too much.



August 29, 2010

Beautiful song for Pheonix,
Floods of tears
N x

Jim Ager

August 20, 2010

Hi Maria Like you Music what a great sound You should come to the Maryport Blues Festival Which we hold every year here in west cumbria Look us up come and join us im sure you and your band would be most welcome,look us up on the


August 16, 2010

i love you maria and you are so beautiful

herb kaufman

August 10, 2010

Would like to know how to order CD's in the US. A wonderful voice with great feeling.

Many thanks

Rossy Bernabe

July 31, 2010

Dear, I love your music, I lisent about you taday and I must to tell you you are one of my favorite.
I cry a lot while Im lisening your music, Im volunteer in a animal protection society in Mexico, we work with homeless cats and dogs, so your music touchme .

See you


July 1, 2010

Love everything you both do for animals, love your voice! You will both be honoured in Heaven for what you have done.


June 25, 2010

love your work


June 19, 2010

Dear Maria and Paul,

Thank you for your selfless efforts to bring awareness, compassion and friendship to many that otherwise may not have a chance at a peaceful life. Yours is an art of the heart. Thank you for all you do for so many.

Sending positive vibes, peace and love,


Fernando daines cuello

June 1, 2010

hello .. I have really wanted to know, have the same surname maybe we are family, listen to your songs and and your m, I'm a musician, singing hip-hop musically and I need help, maybe you could help me because you know that. I would greatly appreciate it.
Greetings from Iquique, Chile
Fernando Daines

ann l wilson (Twisted South Magazine)

May 20, 2010

it's a good thing i don't have anywhere i HAVE to be this afternoon because i just listened to "where do all the angels go" and before it was even half-way through, my eyes were leaking huge tears that came from somewhere deep inside my soul. so, now, i'm sitting here... a snotty-nosed, swollen-eyed, heartbroken mess, and the tears just will not stop. God bless you maria. they are ALL truly God's special angels... while they're among us on earth and when they leave, ahead of us, to finally rest in all of the love & peace they deserve. i'm going to go lay down and roll on the floor with my beasts(!) and hug on them until they've had enough and look at me like i've lost my mind... again! *peace*


May 19, 2010

like your music Maria you should come to the Maryport Blues Festival in July you`ll like it,Good luck with your career

Michele, Hooves & Paws Animal Rescue

April 29, 2010

We love the great work you do and would be honored to be listed on your site. We are a California based rescue that provides adoption services and sanctuary for abused, neglected, and abandoned dogs, horses, and farm animals. Please let us know how we can be involved with your work. Thank you!


April 23, 2010

You are a wonderful person with such a beautiful voice tobey's song brought tears to my eyes I will never understand how people can torture and kill innocent animals but thanks to you and others you are giving them a voice God bless you and all the animals who have suffered at the hands of monsters I can not even call them people they are monsters!!!!!


April 2, 2010

xxxxxxxxbig kiss 4 you bothxxxxxx

Sue Rolfe

March 26, 2010

Thank you for speaking out on behalf of the disappearing American Wild Horse. We have lost 50% in the past 15 years. Our government is set on eradicating them once and for all. 35,000 are now stockpiled in pathetic corrals. Keep spreading the word.

And thanks again!

Debbie Peterson

March 20, 2010

I love you! You are so relevant! thank you for all the animals who need us!!

Natalie Femino

March 9, 2010

Just discovered you today, through my daughter. Heard Heart and Soul...words fail heart is overflowing.....thank you for sharing your gift. I will keep listening....


February 22, 2010

Just listened to " Liberate me now " .. gave me shivers ,
Love ya Maria x


February 22, 2010

A MINORITY PASTIME...what a cool tune. Man you spittin' out those great lyrics like a machine gun over the top of a really nice musical arrangement.Loved the guitar tones and the neat leads. Liked the change at 2:53 alot. Bit of a new direction for the best singer,songwriters and musicians in the UK!!
Hope all is well with you guys. Life is ok here...just cold, snowy, and quiet.

peace & love...Pine & Karen

Jutta Patterson

February 12, 2010

Can I please use some of the words of your songs in our newsletter for the rescue?

JD Cash

February 8, 2010

Hi Maria,

I am so thankful to have found you through Facebook -actually. You are one of my friends on there and I am on your Fanpage as well. Your voice and songs are simply beautiful. I hope to be able to meet you one of these days.
Come and visit all 'my' animals if you can:):). My husband and I have a private rescue with lots of different animals. Most of them have been abused in the past and/or neglected. I worked with all of them on their behavior issues and grief. It takes lots of patience (which I am learing from them), but it is so rewarding in the end. They are here to stay and to relax from their past. We would like to make it as nice as possible for them, but for right now can only do so much on a small personal budget. I will be happy to share pics and stories. I love your music!!!! You guys are truly wonderful:):)!! Blessing and Love, Julie (USA)


January 26, 2010

Great song tribute to "Buddy"! I cried through the whole song. It really touched my heart.
I live in Colorado by the way. Those bastards have now been formally indicted. I hope they get the maximum...which isn't enough, but I'm sure that the other inmates will ensure justice for Buddy. Thank you for that song.

Vinessa Campbell-Diamond

January 21, 2010

Hi Maria, You really are a BIG sound lady! I'm shocked!!! I want to say that we are in the primary stages of setting up an animal rescue/sanctuary here in Sydney, Nova Scotia Canada. Our main source of funding will be band-aid support. If you would like to come on over here to Canada...then girl!! We'd LOVE to have ya here. You sound outta this world. Come here and show them how it's done Maria.Just WOW!
From Canada with love ...a fan Vinessa

Sabine Bernard-Gervais

January 21, 2010

Dear Maria

I'm not sure to succeed in giving you what I feel, as I don't speak a very good english, but I will try !

I wonder, and certainly will wonder till my own death, how can people do such horrors !

Life and nature are so important, and have to be preserved !

Your work and your songs are so important - and your fight to help animals is as important as impressive ! Thanks a lot for them all

Your songs make me feel that I hear alls those poor animals ! specially the one "I am the owner of this coat"

Some of them makes me cry ! And your music is very beautiful too ! I hear your songs constantly in my car

If only more people could do or simply think like you !

Thank you so much !!!
Sabine from France

jeanette van veen

January 10, 2010

Hello,maria long time no hering of me but i was verry ill and start this jear again whit helping dogs in spain.
at the moment we have a shelter in the nederlands were we good help the dogs.
The are coming here to get better en than we are looking for a home.
At the moment we get 11 dog,s in our home.
and that feel good.ill will ask you good you send me same cd for saling so we good help more dogs.
again i,m sorry but ill wanne get again fichting fore the dogs.
ill hope too here from you and send me same c d,s thank yoy bad away when are you comming to holland.than you good see what we have here for the dogs.
byby jeanette
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