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Maria Daines: MEMORIES

Rock, life, animals and people

Nisa Ward, film premiere 'A Minority Pastime' Soho, London
DDAWatch delivers protest letters to No 10 Downing Street!
Janice Tyrrell rockin' to end breed specific legislation!
Paul and Jim Marshall of Marshall amps :)
Lily rescue galgo after the benefit gig in Barcelona
Rockin' for rescue, Doris Banham Dogs SOS Benefit gig
Jane Rounce, Crostwick Dog Rescue, Norfolk
Paul, photo by Mary Alice Pollard
Photograph by Bill Pearson
Lexie Green, rockin' in Norfolk 2007
Paul, photo by Bill Pearson
The lovely Erin Gannon Simms, Cardiff Arena 2007
Paul Killington & Paul Oakley two great rockers!!
Giggling our heads off at BBC Radio Cambridge with Sue Marchant
My lovely mum xx
John Ball Lightning, The Rhymer Man, he rocks!!
Caged with Meg Mathews & Julia Stephenson, Int Primate Day, London
Hayley, Greek Animal Rescue sponsored dog walk 2010
Waiting for sound check, Barcelona
Vesna Jones, Greek Animal Rescue
Paul, rescue run transporting Monty to his new home
Not Guilty! Campaign vigil for BSL victims London 2010
Summer walk 2010
Melita Morgan, campaigning to save America's Mustangs
Maria & Paul photo by Bill Pearson
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